Surf Village Clubhouse Tidal Marsh/Canadian Geese Control Committee

If you are interested in cleaning up the marsh and in controlling the Canadian Geese population please consider joining our committee to work on these problems.
We are having our first meeting in September. Please see the notice below.
Hope to see you at the meeting,
Joan Surdukowski

First Meeting Sept 2nd Wed at 7PM in the Surf Village Clubhouse
Tidal Marsh/Canadian Geese Control Committee

Composition: Any owner or renter who is interested in working to keep the tidal marsh clean and in controlling the Canadian Geese population

Purpose:  1. To develop a short and long term plan to keep the marsh healthy
               2. To develop a plan to discourage Canadian Geese from nesting and living  
                      on Surf Village Property

Duties:  1. Perform research to find solutions
            2. Meet with agencies, organizations and or contractors
            3. Propose solutions to the Board
            4. Obtain funding from the Board for approved projects
            5. Implement projects or solutions

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