The Road Sealing Project scheduled for the Fall will be done in two sections starting at 8:00 AM, Monday, October 10th and continuing until Friday, October 14th.

Section I includes all Merwin Avenue and Sea Hawk Court Units and Sandpiper Crescent from Units #10 -70, even side and Units #7-69, odd side of street, including all parking lots within that area. Section I will be blocked at the Merwin Avenue entrance to Sea Hawk and again blocked across Units # 69-70 on Sandpiper at 8:00 AM, Monday, October 10th until Wednesday, October 12th when the blocks are removed by the Contractor.

Section 2 will be blocked Wednesday, October 12th at 8:00 AM from Units #72-150 Sandpiper Crescent on the even side and #81-149 on the odd side, including all parking lots within that area and all of Sandpiper Circle. The Merwin Avenue entrance will be closed between Units #149-150 until Friday, October 14th when the blocks are removed by the Contractor.

No vehicles may enter or exit driveways, enter the roadway or exit onto Merwin Avenue on the days scheduled for section 1 and the days scheduled for section #2. Please make note of your section number.


1. What about trash and recycling normally scheduled for Wednesday pickup? All American Waste will change the pickup to Friday, October 14th. Please put containers on the grass or driveways, but NOT on the roadway Thursday night, October 13th.

2. What about mail? The Post Office has been notified: our carrier will not drive into blocked sections, but will attempt to deliver to the mailboxes on foot where possible.

3. What about UPS deliveries? Same as number 2.

4. Where do I park on the two days and nights that my section is blocked? If you do not need to use your vehicle park it in your garage or driveway and don’t move it. If you need to use your vehicle, park it on Merwin Avenue. Milford Police have been notified and will not ticket cars on Merwin Avenue. You can also park in the Adams parking lot or the St. Agnes parking lot on Merwin Avenue. Parking will be permitted overnight on Sandpiper Crescent on the Even number side of the street only and in parking lots in the section not being resealed. Section 1 vehicles may park in Section 2 from Sunday night, October 9- Tuesday night, October 11th, but MUST be removed by 8:00 AM, Wednesday, October 12th.

Section 2 may park in Section 1 Wednesday and Thursday night, October 12th- 13th. Parking on Sandpiper is on the EVEN side of the street ONLY. Do not block driveways or the Fire Road. Any changes caused by weather will be sent via email only.

Any person attempting to drive their vehicle and drive in the closed section will be fined and charged for the cost of the repairs. Walk on the grass as not to get tar on your shoes.

The project for the removal of the phragmites from the pond and marsh areas began this week. This is being done with Permits from the State of CT and is a three year project to remove this invasive species and improve the ecology of the life of the pond and marsh. The herbicides being used will not harm any other plants or wild life.

All accurate information regarding projects, events etc. will come directly from the Board of Directors via US Postal Mail, e-mail or posted on the Website. The Board does not use any other Social Media or sites such as Face Book to provide information to the community.

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