The painting project will start On Monday August 16, 2021.

This long overdue NECESSITY will include Front doors, framework and sidelights (where applicable] on
all 20 buildings.

We have previously discussed in newsletters and at board meetings the importance of protecting doors,
side window and wood framework, minor wood rot will be corrected.

There is no way to properly paint an exterior door and expect to be able to dose it until the paint is fully
cured (not just dry to the touch) without avoiding paint sticking to the weather strip and then peeling off
the perimeter of the door when reopened. Paint on weather stripping is impossible to remove.


Painted doors can be closed over to the door frame but not into it for about 16 hours.

While we will schedule all units for this service; we do understand some residents may be
uncomfortable not completely closing a painted door, even behind a locked storm door. Offsite unit
owners should consult with their tenants on this project.

Therefore, owners may hire their own private painter which will require the prior submission of the
SVTA Waiver form, listing the contractor, their insurance and the requirement that ONLY the specified
paint Benjamin Moore MoorGlo exterior paint, White, soft gloss (picture attached) can be used.

This owner option must be completed this summer.

Residents will receive a one-day prior notice for the building in line for painting. The project will start on
Monday at the building with units 40, 42, 44 and 46. Then move on to buildings 10-22 and 7-17 on
Sandpiper Crescent and continue to completion.

Someone must be home to unlock doors. Palmer property will email and leave a phone message when
possible, one day before work is scheduled. We will accommodate units with one person who works
during the week and schedule for a Saturday. Painters will start at approximately 8:30A.M. and
continue throughout the day, including Saturdays as weather permits.

The Board thanks you for your cooperation during this project.

Required Paint for front doors- Benjamin Moore MoorGlo W09601-001 Exterior Paint. White, Soft Gloss.

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