Driveway sealing update

Thank you all for cooperating on the initial phase of the driveway project last week on the even numbered side of the street.


Based on current weather forecasts we will start on the 2 Seahawk Court buildings and continue on to the ODD numbered units at #7 Sandpiper and continue to unit # 149 ON WEDNESDAY JUNE 10th at 7:30 AM. Sealing will then continue and will be completed on THURSDAY JUNE 11th.


The driveways will be blocked until Saturday afternoon. Our Contractor advises not parking on these driveways until Sunday night.  

The Driveway Sealing Project Scheduled for Tuesday has been cancelled!

The contractor will begin work on Wednesday and continue on Thursday. Work will start on the Merwin Avenue Units and continue to the Sandpiper Even number Units and Sandpiper Circle.

Garbage cans should be rolled out to the curb and remain until the driveway surface has cured.

Please park in visitor spots or in the roadway in front of your driveway.

NO DRIVING on sealed driveway for 48 hours and NO PARKING on Driveway for 72 hours.

DO NOT walk on the driveway for 24 hours.

Future days’ work may be cancelled due to expected/forecasted rain.

Driveway Sealing



The driveway sealing project will require all vehicles to be prohibited from accessing the driveway for a minimum of 48 hours and no vehicles can be parked on a driveway for 72 hours after your driveway’s sealing is completed. All driveways will be blocked by the contractor. The project will start at 76 thru 92 Merwin Ave and proceed to 10 sandpiper crescent and continue on the even numbered side of the street only until reaching 150 sandpiper. Street parking on the even numbered side will be permitted both days & nights after your driveway has been sealed. We suggest you park in front of your lot or in a parking lot. If you leave a vehicle in your garage you will not be able to remove it. Anyone driving on a sealed driveway before the contractor removes the tapes will be charged for the repairs.

On Tuesday June 9 and Wednesday 1oth the above process will continue at 4 thru 22 Seahawk court and proceed to 7 sandpiper & continue on the odd numbered side until reaching 149. Parking will then be permitted on the odd side in front of your lot. We realize this necessary maintenance on our new driveways can be inconvenient particularly in areas with tight spaces and limited street parking.

We have planned the logistics of this event to avoid as much disruption as possible. We appreciate your cooperation.

Important up coming dates to note on your calendars for the SVTA Community-

 June 1-   Driveway Sealing Starts
June 16- SVTA Annual Meeting
June 24- Bulk Trash Pick-up
July 18-  SVTA Pizza Party
Detailed information will be sent as we approach the date for the specific activity.

Important Notice-

Power Washing Starts Monday May 18th


The power washing of the buildings will start on Monday, May 18 at 8:30 a.m. in the Seahawk Court/Merwin Ave area and continue on to Sandpiper Crescent. This project will continue Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday. ALL VEHICLES must be removed from the driveways.

CLOSE all windows, doors and sliders. Move all outdoor furniture and grills to the back end of the patios and decks away from the buildings. Any building decorations, flags, flower boxes and plants on porches/decks should also be removed. The windows will only be washed and rinsed. The Contractor and The Association is not responsible for any water or soap suds that get on cars left in driveways or on any furniture.

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