The Board of Directors, in concert with our Attorneys , alenearing completion of the work to restate rules and policies andto be in compliance with Connecticut State Common InterestOwnership Act (CIOA) on Association Documents including theDeclaration and By Laws. The Documents will be posted andaccessed for review on the Surf Village web site.

The Documents will be available for your review on the SurfVillage web site. https://surfuillagemilford.com. No pass wordis required. click on the top "grey" heading.".new documemts for review". Currently Zhave been posted; Maintenance Standards and Common Expenses. The Declaration & By Lawswill be posted soon and you will be notified by email and letter' This is bffi"iul Notice that the Surf Village Townhouse Board ofDirectors will discuss and receive comments on the postedMaintenance Standards and Common Expenses and vote toadopt as a rule both Documents at the May Board Meeting;Wednesd ay, }l/lay 9 , 2018. Comments may be posted now at"info@suifuillagemilfo

The Ratifrcation of the Budget for fiscal2018-2019 and theadoption of the amended Declaration & By Laws will be at theSuriVillage annual meeting to be scheduled in June.

PROJECTS for Spring into late Fall this year ate in the planningstage and will be presented in more detail atthe Annual Meeting.

  • 1. The completion of the conversion from wood to Azek of allthe porches on Seahawk Court.
  • 2. A review and likely need to seal and repafu existing roadcracks.
  • 3. The start of a painting project on the flat work and "kicks"on porches and around gatage trim.
  • 4.Tree removals and rePlacements
  • 5. A unit owner option to replace front doors and side lights aspart ofa group Project.

Looks like Springs is finally emerging from the shadows of Winter; Time to remind all our residents and revisit some of theresponsibilities and cooperation that's required to respect ourproperties and enjoy the unique lifestyle of this special beachside Community.

Now that the weather is breaking, our beautiful trees are in budand Milford Land is starting the annual spring clean up to erasewinters last stand we ask all residents to look around their unitand remove any items stored under porches & decks (shouldn'tbe anything thire) and put out their flowers and pots. Mulch willbe installed at the entrances and the front landscape areas on all units

Garbage and recycles must be secured in their containers andnot put out in plastic bags for the raccoons to distribute onTuesday evening and always returned into the gatage Wednesday as soon after collection as possible.

To restate the pet rules; agarn. Dogs must be on leash at all timeswhen being walked outside the unit but never left alone & tiedup. Dogs are to be contained within the boundaries of your lot and you must immediately pick up after them and disposeproperly indoors. NO DOG may be walked around thecommunity and allowed to enter on anyone' s property or on coflrmon areas around mail boxes, street lights and the grassystrip along the stone wall on Merwin Ave or across the street onREC CORP property for any reason. Each lot, in front and backand to the side is the property of that resident and dogs are notallowed to go onto the lots. The ONLY area designated as a "dogwalk" is on the Fire Road on the far side of the creek and youmust pick up and NOT dispose until you return home. Residentswho use dog walkers must be inform them and to adhere to these requirements.

The limited parking spaces available (we have 162 tegisteredvehicles and 42 street parking spots) will come under heavy use especially over weekends during the summer season. The Parking rules are: Units with only l(one) vehicle are requestedto parkit in your garage or driveway. Units with multiple vehicles may park 1 (one & only one) in an available space overnight and must have the parking decal visible on the rear ofthe vehicle. New residents and those with a new vehicle that donot have a decal must contact Jenifer at Palmer Property toregister and obtain a decal. Vehicles without a decal parkedovernight are subject to being towed. NO VEHICLE may parkat any time day or night on any of the streets in Surf Village. Allstreets are actually FIRE LANES and are so posted. There is aNO TOLERENCE policy for cars left on the street. The onlylimited exception is the allowance for a cleaning person,contractor or delivery vehicle to park a few minutes on the streetlong enough to unload equipment, furniture, appliances INTO the DRIVEWAY and not then deliver into the home but must then remove the vehicle to a parking spot.

The replacement of external lighting (i.e .-burned out bulbs) isthe responsibility of the resident owner or tenant. This isimporlant as a deterrent due to the recently reported break ins in Milford. This is especially critical on Merwin Ave. as theforward face of Surf Village and on the back side of the Seahawk Court decks that is not well illuminated. Please check your unit after dark to replace bulbs.

Garage doors along with all windows, skylights, sliders andstorm doors are aunit owner responsibility. The PropertyManager on a recent inspection has noted that sevetal gatage doors are in poor condition and in some cases have de-laminated and need to be replaced. Garage doors are not painted by the Association. Palmer Property will be notiffing those Unit Owners that require replacement. Overhead Door has the garagedoor that is the standard for replacements in Surf Village.SAVE TFIE DATE. SATURDAY, AUGUST 18" iS the date for the annual free SVTA PIZZAPARIY



All DRIVEWAYS are scheduled to be resealed: Monday, Sept. 11 & Tuesday Sept. 12

Monday will be for all EVEN NUMBERED units starting with the Merwin Ave buildings and continuing onto 10 Sandpiper thru 150 Sandpiper including Sandpiper Circle.

Tuesday will be for all ODD NUMBERED units on Sandpiper but beginning on Seahawk Court and continuing onto 7 Sandpiper thru to 149 Sandpiper.

As with previous sealing projects: NO VEHICLE LEFT IN DRIVEWAYS & STAY OFF DRIVEWAY for AT LEAST a full 24 hours after your unit is completed. Remove your car by 8 AM if you intend to use it on your day for sealing. Park during the day and overnight in parking lots, or on YOUR side of the street without blocking any driveway access or park on Merwin Ave. Park ONLY on your side of the street. In the event of rain; the project will move to the next dry day. The Association is not responsible for damages from walking or driving on the driveway.

ALL BUILDINGS are scheduled for the POWER WASHING project on Monday, Sept. 18 and Tuesday Sept. 19.  As with previous power washing projects: NO VEHICLES LEFT IN DRIVEWAYS;  ALL FURNITURE & GRILLS moved to the edge of patios and decks away from the building siding. ALL WINDOWS, SLIDERS and DOORS closed and locked. Please REMOVE decorations, flags, flower pots etc. This service includes Washing and Rinsing from the gutter line to the ground and will include decks and patios where accessible. THIS IS NOT a window washing service. Windows and sliders will be wet., soaped and rinsed as thoroughly as possible and air dried.  The Association is not responsible for damages due to windows and doors not closed or any vehicles left in driveways and personal items left exposed to water under pressure.

We have successfully completed these projects before; while they can be inconvenient & disruptive, they’re important to maintain your property values.

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