SURF VILLAGE TOWNHOUSE ASSOCIATION

                                   SPRING (looks like it is finally here) NEWSLETTER


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25TH BULK PICKUP .PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING OUT UNTIL TUESDAY EVENING THE 24TH...This will be the only pickup this year. Usual locations across from 127 sandpiper and 46 sandpiper. NO propane- paint cans-batteries-broken glass-logs & stumps-concrete-hazard waste and motor oil.


SATURDAY, AUGUST 9TH THE ANNUAL PIZZA TRUCK PARTY, free to all residents. Same company as last year that got rave reviews. Details to follow.


SPRING CLEANUP and LANDSCAPING: This was an extensive and more enhanced property cleanup and restoration. All grassy areas were hand raked out and de-thatched. All snow damaged and burned areas from pet waste (this is becoming a real problem) needed additional top soil, were re-seeded and covered with hay. The entire property received a pre-emergent weed and crab grass preventative application followed recently by the first of 4 seasonal fertilizations which is part of our contract specifications. There will be additional “spot” weed abatements by hand along with a grub and insect control application. The investment we have made over the last 2 years to raise the sod line above the new curbs by adding quality top soil and continuing the re-seeding program has resulted in a healthy stand of grass that can now be cut by the hand operated lawn mowers cutting over the curbs and eliminating the need to use “weed wackers”.

All front foundation and side beds on individual properties and all common area beds, islands, around trees and shrubs and utility areas have been weeded and edged out in preparation for the install of the mulch that is now in place. This is a new added feature this year eliminating the need to drop piles of mulch around the community for individual use.

The Board thanks all who have taken the time to email and voice their appreciation. The community looks great.

Matt from Milford Landscaping has walked the Village. He has a list & will fix the few sinks holes that have re-appeared and we will address some of the plantings from last fall that need remedial attention and 2 or 3 trees once he’s caught up on spring cleanups. He also has a separate list of those who want shrub removals and have requested him to select additional new plantings; this is a business arrangement between the owner and Milford Landscaping. He is behind because of the weather and recommends waiting until the nursery has received all new stock for planting. Matt has noted that there are several areas on individual lots, especially around a/c condensers, that have very overgrown or nearly dead bushes that are encroaching on the mechanicals. Industry recommends that shrubs should not come within 18 inches of equipment.

IRRIGATION: Fred Kirkham has been on site to clear the debris and algae that has blocked the drain pipes on the fire road. He and Matt are working together and will decide when to activate the water which will likely be in the next 10 days. The system will be completely re-adjusted where necessary and any damaged heads will be replaced. Once again, we ask ALL RESIDENTS to refrain from putting any recycle buckets, garbage or boxes ALONG THE CURB LINE because the heads are located there and will prevent them from popping up.

PARKING DECALS: We thank all who have co-operated and complied by installing the stickers. It has clearly helped to ease the shortage of available spaces. However, they are to be permanently attached to the rear glass, trunk or bumper and not unattached and placed on dash boards or windshields so they can be switched from one vehicle to another. Again, we ask that vehicles not back into spaces. The only exception is for trucks that have long cargo bays that would stick out into the roadway. The beach season will now bring more visitors that stay overnight or for extended stays. If you have a guest, contact Jen at Palmer Management with the car and license number and length of stay. It is preferred the guest vehicle use your driveway and put yours in a parking spot. In any event, vehicles cannot be stored day after day and night after night or just switched from one spot to another. All parking spaces must be available to all residents. It is not fair with our limited parking for any resident to monopolize a space and in effect eliminate that space & remove access to it for all other residents. Residents with more vehicles than there are drivers must use their garage and driveway.

REAR STEP PROJECT: The Board is considering constructing all new steps off site for an entire building at a time and then removing existing and installing new in one day so as not to eliminate the use of the steps for an extended time and to contain labor costs. Project will not start until August.

ASPHALT DRIVEWAY/ROAD MAINTENANCE: Within the next 10 days all the seams at the bottom of driveways where it meets the road will be cleaned and sealed with a hot rubber asphalt injection. The same procedure will be done on any surface cracks that may have re-appeared on the roadway. This is normal maintenance that will be reviewed annually. The entire driveways and the roads will be scheduled separately in future years for re-sealing.

106 MERWIN AVENUE: This refers to the building commonly referred to as the “chicken coop” adjacent to and separated by the white vinyl fence behind 140 to 150 Sandpiper that collapsed during an attempt to raise it last year. The Board has been concerned about the length of time that has ensued to date with no apparent activity. This is an eyesore, potential health and injury hazard and by recent examination the collapse and resulting movement has compromised both the fence on our property and the “retaining” wall that supports it on the other side. Therefore the Board initially met with the Director of Milford’s Department of Permitting and Land Use which also oversees Wetlands, Building Inspection and Planning & Zoning and engaged Westcott & Mapes (Ray Macaluso) to review the location from an engineering perspective and to consult with legal counsel. The Board requested that all interested parties noted above meet on site. At that time it was determined that the building on 106 Merwin is on a zero lot line which means the Surf Village Townhouse Assn actually owns the property right up to that building AND which, because of movement, actually rests on and is encroaching on our property.’

As a result, it is our desire to have that building removed as soon as possible (town of Milford concurs and may take action unilaterally if the owner does not act.) Counsel for the Board has notified the legal firm representing the owner of 106 that an temporary easement will be required before any action is taken to demo and remove the building and that is about to be executed and will include protection for our property including requirements to restore the land to previous condition, stabilize the embankment and repair and reset our fence.

The owner plans to re-construct the 106 building at some future point. Since access to our property will be required; there will be further legal consideration and documentation at that time and ongoing consultation with engineering and counsel.

CAR BREAK-INS: There have been a few reported recent nighttime break-ins to vehicles parked in both Sandpiper & Seahawk Court. The Chief of Police has been notified and noted that Officers will patrol during night shifts. He recommends that any activity be called in to the Department and not to hesitate if you see anyone walking around in a suspicious manner. Make sure your vehicles are always locked.

PETS: Referring back to Matt’s comments about pet damage earlier in this newsletter, Palmer Management still receives complaints as some residents continue to walk their dogs on other properties, along our front on Merwin Ave & around utility areas. PLEASE keep your dog on your lot or the fire road across the pond. The Village has never looked better. Let’s continue to make the Surf Village Townhouses the Premier Community & best place to live in Milford.