We have completed the second year with our new irrigation system; we’re better able to control and conserve the water usage and have finally established a solid healthy green turf. There were a few lots that receive the sun all day that required more water especially during late July and August resulting in the installation of 2 new valves in their zones. The system now operates 78 zones.

Monday, December 15 all the gutters, leaders and downspouts were cleaned.

Milford Landscaping will be positioning barrels of sand and salt at key locations around the village. These are for residents to use and will be re-filled as needed. Sodium Chloride pellets without sand will be distributed on the roads, driveways, walkways, porches & steps when there is NO ICE on the pavement. Once there is an existing cover of ice we must use the combination of grit and salt.

Recently there have been issues with POD and UHAUL type storage/moving containers. To be clear…these devices are prohibited on any of the streets or parking places in the Village. They may be used ONLY upon requesting and receiving APPROVAL from Sal Garfi, the Property Manager, and only for a limited time. They must be installed ONLY on the unit’s driveway and the owner is responsibility for any damage. Be aware that some POD franchisees deliver the container on a “carriage” that will not fit in our driveways.

A REMINDER: all vehicles that are parked overnight in parking lots must have the Surf Village Parking decal clearly visible on the rear of the vehicle. Parking vehicles decals may be requested from the Property Manager. There have been reports of vehicles being BROKEN INTO. If you see anyone acting suspiciously around the parking lots or driveways…CALL the POLICE. Vehicles left unlocked even in driveways are an open invitation to access garage openers.

Next Spring, as soon as the weather breaks, we will start the replacement of the rear steps with Azek like the front porches .Upon completion; this will complete the entire restoration of all the assets in Surf Village. We are also due for a building power washing and we are planning to re-seal all driveways as part of our regular budget for fiscal 2015 which starts in April.

Out next Board Meeting is Tuesday, January 20, 2015 we continue to work on the Surf Village Documents to bring them up to date and in compliance with the State requirements. These changes will be posted on the Web site for your review. A notice will be sent at that time with instructions on accessing the SVTA Web Address.

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