Spring is here! Well, maybe almost here. It’s time for our spring cleaning. Due to the many requests from Owners, we have decided to have a Community Tag Sale on Saturday, June 4, 2016 from 10 AM to 3 PM. Owners and residents may set up a table, with all their hidden treasures, in their driveway ONLY….not on the grass or in the street. We will allow parking on the right side of the street only and make Sandpiper Crescent a one way street for that time period, with applicable signs. There will be a nominal fee per participant to defray the advertising costs in our local newspapers. We will let you know how much when we know. The more people involved, the less the cost per person.

The Bulk Pick-up is scheduled for Monday, June 6, 2016 this year, so what you don’t sell and don’t want can be discarded then. The pick-up areas are the usual ones…in the parking spaces opposite 40 & 127 Sandpiper Crescent. They will be marked off the afternoon of June 5, 2016 so no one will park there. There are restrictions as to what can be discarded.

The following items WILL NOT BE PICKED UP: Batteries, Commercial items, Logs & Stumps, Concrete or cement, Hazardous Waste, Liquid Waste (oil based paint, motor oil), Propane Tanks, Sheetrock and Demolition Material, Tire rims or any item requiring more than 2 men to pick up.

The Pizza Party has been booked for Saturday, July 30, 2016, so save the date. More information will be given closer to the date.

Winter 2015-16 treated us in a rather kindly fashion resulting in limited damage repairs, although we do have one substantial sinkhole adjacent to the water main near 28 Sandpiper that will require some extensive work.

Our new Budget Year began April 1st and includes funding for resealing all the roadways in like manner as we completed all the driveway sealing in the spring of 2015. This will be done early in the week to avoid the heavier weekend traffic and requires a complete 24 hour shutdown while we pave half on day one and the other half on day 2. Parking lots will not be available until they are re-stripped, which will be done at the end of each day. Further information and scheduling will be sent via email. PLEASE make certain that Jennifer, at Palmer Management, has your correct and current email address.

All residential front beds, driveway strips, trees and common areas are being weeded as this is written, in preparation for the installation of our annual complimentary mulch applications.

The repairs of all remaining rear steps with Azek decking will be completed this year and will be scheduled in June. The project REQUIRES all unit owner’s patio that may have settled over time, to be in condition to accept the repaired set of steps that conform to code heights. Our Contractor, Jason, will be marking a line on the foundation wall that must match the height of the existing patio pavers. Patios that do not meet that requirement must be raised and re-set by the owner. This will complete the rear steps project on the Sandpipers. Next year in the summer of 2017 we will start the repairs and conversion of the Merwin & Seahawk porches to Azek.

Earlier this year, in response to the survey that the Committee set out regarding the annual geese invasion along the creek and pond areas, the Board “blocked off” previous nesting sites, laid a spray along the adjacent grassy areas that discourages their habitation and had nests removed. The project was limited in nature, but has abated most of the previous issues. A Program for restoration of the pond, including invasive plants is in the planning stage and will involve limited application this year.

As a reminder: ALL VEHICLES that choose to park overnight in ONE of our limited parking spots MUST have the Surf Village sticker permanently affixed to the REAR of the vehicle so that it can CLEARLY be seem from the road. If you do not have a sticker or changed vehicles, contact Jennifer at Palmer Management to update your vehicle records. Parking any vehicle day after day is in effect storing a vehicle, which is subject to towing.

Also, while Surf Village is dog friendly; allowing your pet to traverse onto and soil other people’s property, around mail boxes, street lights and along Merwin Avenue is not friendly. Please pick up after your dog at all times. Dogs are to be confined to the resident’s lot or on the “fire road” across the creek.


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