REMINDER TO ALL OWNERS: THE ANNUAL MEETING IS WEDNESDAY, June 27, 2018 at 7pm in the clubhouse. WE ENCOURAGE everyone and especially the many new owners who have recently arrived to join us. This meeting is important as we review all our projects and those in the “pipe line” along with a full discussion of the operating Budget regarding financial requirements moving forward.

Welcome to our favorite season of the year.

IRRIGATION is on from 1 am thru 5am. All zones do not operate every night; some run every other night and all are adjusted as weather dictates. Please DO NOT place garbage bags, recycle containers or boxes on the grass during the season. The irrigation heads are installed all along the curb lines. Please contact Jen @ Palmer to reportany broken heads. Please do not use the plastic garbage bags; they are an open invitation to the raccoons & Waste Management will not clean up after broken bags.

MULCH has been installed. We have converted to the natural organic product and will no longer use the black dyed material.

DOCUMENTS are or will shortly be posted on the SVTA web site. The official Maintenance Standards are posted and a copy will be provided to all residents. The new Declaration and Bylaws are ready. They will be reviewed briefly at our Annual Meeting but a future monthly meeting will be dedicated for a discussion. You will receive an email notice when they have been installed on the site.

DOOR & PAINTING projects will be reviewed at the Annual Meeting and details will be provided in another newsletter.

TREE REPLACEMENT requirements will also be addressed at the Annual Meeting with other projects.

PARKING STICKERS are being replenished and will be distributed to those who have notified Jen @ Palmer. Parking rules are in effect from sundown as it applies to overnight parking requirements. Units with one vehicle must park in the garage or driveway. Units with multiple vehicles may park only one in an available space. Vehicles must be removed during the day so everyone has an opportunity to locate an overnight space. No storing of vehicles in the same space.

GARAGE DOORS have been inspected as part of their spring walk thru by Property Management and will notify those that need replacement.

REC CORP GRILL INSTRUCTIONS. Each burner operates independently (once one is lit it will not jump to another) When first starting each burner must be primed. Push the knob and turn slightly to the left before the “click” and wait about 10 seconds to allow the venturi to fill with gas. Then turn past the click to light. Initially this may have to be done 2 or 3 times after the burners have been turned off; It is not necessary to light all burners to cook a couple of burgers. All burners lit will quickly raise the temp to 600 degrees. The second knob from the right side of each grill has a sign “do not use”. That knob is for a rotisserie that is not part of this equipment. Do Not Light it.

DOGS…once again; SVTA is NOT a Condo…we own our individual lots. All lots are private property. No dog is permitted to walk along let alone enter any lot except your own and you must immediately pick up after your pet. Milford Landscaping has complained that their workers on riding as well as hand operated mowers are experiencing very unpleasant experiences when cutting lawns here. This has also occurred along the stone wall on Merwin Ave. and the REC CORP Property across Merwin is a No Dog venue. Dogs are permitted in SVTA ONLY with the APPROVAL of the Board or Property Manager. Unfortunately if the residents that continue to cause this issue do not correct this behavior; the Board will enforce the remedy.

SAVE THE DATE… THE ANNUAL PIZZA PARTY IS SATURDAY, AUGUST 18. This is free to ALL RESIDENTS…if you would like to bring a guest (s) there is a fee. Contact Fran Pallman @ 127 Sandpiper for details.

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