DOCUMENTS.  The new amended Declaration and By Laws are now posted on the SVTA Web Site .They represent many hours by the Board in meetings and phone consultations with Attorney Ed Hill, who was one of the lead attorneys that crafted the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act (CIOA) with the Legislature, to bring our Documents into compliance while retaining the unique character of our Planned Unit Community. Our Attorney, Chris Cody , guided us through organizing all the past Amendments, Rules & Regulations in putting this together in preparation to record these Documents.  Please set aside some time to review and download.  A ballot will be sent to all owners to vote on accepting these Documents after the Board schedules an open session for Q & A.

COLLECTION POLICY & MAINTENANCE STANDARDS. (ENCLOSED)  The Collection policy is a restatement of the procedure that has been in place for 14 years, during that time there have been two (2) foreclosures. Please keep & review the Maintenance Standards. Tenants please leave copy in residence.

The Maintenance Standards is a common sense safety Document that any home owner or resident  would follow to observe &  maintain all the fixtures and operating equipment in their residence. This is especially true in our community where an event in one home could easily impact another and has. These written standards are a direct result of the CIOA requirements that place additional “Condo” type insurance coverage on all associations. As an example, all association insurance must now cover “betterments and improvements”, something SVTA added to our policy 5 years ago. Association responsibility must be balanced with residents taking standard precautions to prevent the preventable. Use this as a guide and opportunity now to check all water connections to toilets, washing machines, faucets. 2nd floor appliances cause major damage to the 1st floor. Age of hot water heater, look for leaks top & bottom and drain annually and confirm location & active operation of smoke & CO detectors.  The Board recommends all owners & residents take pictures of all upgrades like granite, stainless steel. Wood flooring, upgraded cabinets and structural renovations. In the past 2 years there have been 3 toilet connection breaks on the 2nd floor, 3 hot water heater leaks and 1 pipe freeze occurring when the resident was out of state. ALL happened at night. The Board requests all residents that plan Florida winters or expect to be away leave a key with a neighbor.  Thank you.

NUT SEDGE & FIRE BLIGHT. Nut Sedge is the shiny green shoots that are taller than the grass. It’s all over Milford resulting from combination of excessive heat, humidity & water and is highly invasive. The same environment has caused Fire Blight, a fungus on some pear trees clustered near the “fire road” turning leaves brown ( there is no cure) but they do recover.  The nut sedge has been treated with a granular powder 3 times; will do 1 more time with a liquid ( it is not toxic). Infested areas will have remedial attention to prevent spreading later in Sept/Oct.

FALL LANDSCAPE PLANS. 1.  Several areas holding water have been designated for a “fix”. Fred Kirkham is in charge. These wet spots are mostly in locations where there is “hard pan” or clay. We are built on fill, sand and with a high water table where drains are not effective. Obviously having an irrigation system adds to the standing water which may require removing\relocating heads.

  1. The Board has contracted for a major lawn Core Aeration treatment later this month. The machine will dig and remove cores of soil and dirt plugs. The plugs must remain on the surface and decompose. Please do not step on or remove the plugs. It will be unattractive for a short time but reinvigorate the soil and grass. Milford land will be in charge. They also will be topping off the Mount Batten Junipers behind the Seahawk parking lot to slow their growth, create and maintain a 10 foot hedge that can be sheared.
  2. Fred Kirkham will be pruning and lifting the large trees in the space between Sandpiper & Seahawk and other areas and remove the dead maple. He will be removing the remaining trees & roots damaged during hurricane Sandy that we’ve been putting off on Merwin Ave and excavating a trench to prepare new tree plantings . Matt from Milford Land will be in charge planting a “wall” of large salt tolerant Spruce trees to replace the Pines. The open area where the Maple is will be replanted with 3 to 4 Kwanzan Cherry trees in a row. Matt and Fred are working this project together.

SEAHAWK PORCHES.  The conversion to Azek to complete this community wide project will be done as soon as Jason returns from New Jersey where he has been building a house. Weather permitting  before year end.

FRONT DOOR PROJECT.  UNIT OWNER COST. This project is the total removal and installation of new construction door with frame,sidelights  where applicable. Remove and reinstall existing storm door. Remove existing door & frame to studs and dispose. Remove and reinstall interior and exterior trim. Install THERMA TRU door package delivered, primed  with new Schlage lock set and dead bolt. ( There is an option for a Anderson door and an option for factory painted on both) Single door complete $1,500. Door with 1 sidelight $2,200. Door with 2 Sidelights  $3,100. It is impossible to determine discount (which would be on the door pkg. labor cost 2 men 1 full day is fixed) without knowing how many are interested in participating. Please call Jennifer at Palmer.. 203-288 8448 and give her your name, address and which of the 3 doors applies to your unit.

GUTTERS. Will be cleaned in December after leaves are down

DOORBELLS. There have been inquiry about owners replacing doorbells with the RING bell. We suggest using the wireless model. Please advise Palmer if you choose this and need to remove existing bell on siding .

WEEKEND RENTALS. There have been inquiry about the internet B&B’s and rental exchanges. SVTA documents clearly state there are NO Short Term Rentals. All leases are for a minimum of 6 months and leases along with Owner/Tenant form are required to be submitted to Palmer prior to occupancy.

PAINTING PROJECT. We are scheduling this for next spring/summer.

PARKING STICKERS. Are required and only  available by sending information to Jen at Palmer.

POOL. Closes 1st week of October. Garbage collection stops at Rec Corp last Wednesday in September.

Please refrain from walking dogs so that they run up on our private property lots.

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