SURFVILLAGE TOWNHOUSE ASSOCIATION FALL NEWSLETTER

DOCUMENTS:  The new AMENDED Declaration and By laws bring our existing Dox into compliance with the Ct. Common Interest Ownership Act and were previously posted on the SVTA Web Site. Prior to scheduling an open meeting for Q & A and discussion; please take the time; if you haven’t already, to review these documents. In the interest of time and to facilitate the participation of every owner; ALL QUESTIONS are to be submitted to the SVTA Web Site (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) from now thru Monday, November 19, 2018. Please note whether your question is for the By Laws or Declaration and note the Article or page number. Non resident owners unable to attend a meeting will have questions answered to their email address.

FALL LANDSCAPE: As completely described in the Early Fall newsletter; we have now completed the project to remove the large Maple in the courtyard and the Pines on Merwin Ave & Sandpiper that were damaged during the Sandy Storm. We planted 4 new large Cherry trees (3 in the courtyard with 2 more planned in the Spring) and 7 Juniper trees along with 60 blue juniper ground cover at the Merwin entrance. The Nut Sedge infestation has been eradicated, we hope.  The entire property has been fertilized and over seeded in preparation for the machine Core Aeration project that is underway now. The large trees throughout the community have been pruned and all the areas holding water have been regraded or had drains installed. All new plantings have been watered in and winterized with a mulch blanket. The sea grasses, hydrangeas & knock out rose bushes will be cut down close to the ground. A few trees that are not erect and tilting will be wired to an in ground stake and will be in place for several months. There will be warning “flags” along the wires which are sharp; please be aware.

SNOW SEASON: This is to restate our snow contract specifications especially for the benefit of many new residents who have joined us during the year. The plowing of the roads starts after 2 inches have accumulated and continues through the storm. Parking spaces can only be plowed when there is no car in the space and adjacent spaces. The plow will not go in between parked cars. Snow blowers and shovels only are used on driveways, porches & steps and start towards the end of the storm. Milford Land leaves their large container with all the equipment on the fire road.  During heavy accumulations & drifting the driveways take precedent over the porches for egress. The roads, driveways, porches & steps are salted or salted with a sand mix based on the local weather report expectations. Please make sure storm doors close and latch correctly. Doors that don’t can whip open from wind gusts and damage Azek porch railings. Very expensive to repair and an owner responsibility.

SEAHAWK PORCHES:  It appears Jason may not be able to complete the Azek porches before year end. He needs 2 weeks good weather & temps above 45 and will not return until late November. If will be the first thing he does when weather breaks in spring