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                                                           THURDSDAY, JULY 24th ANNUAL MEETING

                                            FRIDAY, AUGUST 13TH RETURN OF OUR ANNUAL PIZZA PARTY

                                            This is a quick update of the projects for this Summer and early Fall

PAINTING of all front doors and side light where applicable. This will require the doors NOT TO BE completely  closed shut and locked on the day and night of your painting because the Benjamin Moore exterior paint will require at least 24-40 hours to cure, which is to prevent the wet door surface from sticking to the gasket in the frame. UNITS THAT HAVE A STORM DOOR CAN LOCK IT. The weather affects the drying time- high humidity and rain extends the drying time while a hot sunny day shortens it. Doors and wood frames will be cleaned and prepped; minor wood rot that often occurs in the lower bottom corner due to snow accumulation will be repaired. Extensive wood damage to the frame or side lights that can't be cured requires OWNERS to make door and frame replacement. THERE ARE ONLY TWO STYLES permitted; a solid 6 panel door with no glass or a 6 panel with 2 horizontal glass windows. A WAIVER FORM must be submitted and approved prior to installation. The "JELDWEN" 6 panel fiberglass door, with or without 2 horizontal windows, and The "THERMA TRU SMOOTH STAR" fiberglass 6 panel door, with or without 2 horizontal glass windows is the better door. All residents will be notified the day prior to schedule painting; door must be unlocked and accessible.

LANDSCAPING, the Board is assessing the extent of damage from wind burn, salt spray and those infested with Fire Blight, which is airborne disease. We will discuss all options with each Lot Owner prior to removal and replacements. Licensed Arborists have reviewed on site and there are very limited choices that tolerate our local climate conditions and the nurseries have very short inventories this year which means we may not be able to complete this project until next Spring.

ROADS AND DRIVEWAYS, THE Board is receiving bids for the repairs of cracks and to reseal all driveways and all the roads, most likely in the Fall. More information about this will be forth coming in the Fall.

POWER WASHING, all buildings and all roofs are scheduled for next Spring, 2022.

If you have changed your email address this past year, please notify Jennifer at Palmer Management,

203-288-8448, Ext 102

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