All DRIVEWAYS are scheduled to be resealed: Monday, Sept. 11 & Tuesday Sept. 12

Monday will be for all EVEN NUMBERED units starting with the Merwin Ave buildings and continuing onto 10 Sandpiper thru 150 Sandpiper including Sandpiper Circle.

Tuesday will be for all ODD NUMBERED units on Sandpiper but beginning on Seahawk Court and continuing onto 7 Sandpiper thru to 149 Sandpiper.

As with previous sealing projects: NO VEHICLE LEFT IN DRIVEWAYS & STAY OFF DRIVEWAY for AT LEAST a full 24 hours after your unit is completed. Remove your car by 8 AM if you intend to use it on your day for sealing. Park during the day and overnight in parking lots, or on YOUR side of the street without blocking any driveway access or park on Merwin Ave. Park ONLY on your side of the street. In the event of rain; the project will move to the next dry day. The Association is not responsible for damages from walking or driving on the driveway.

ALL BUILDINGS are scheduled for the POWER WASHING project on Monday, Sept. 18 and Tuesday Sept. 19.  As with previous power washing projects: NO VEHICLES LEFT IN DRIVEWAYS;  ALL FURNITURE & GRILLS moved to the edge of patios and decks away from the building siding. ALL WINDOWS, SLIDERS and DOORS closed and locked. Please REMOVE decorations, flags, flower pots etc. This service includes Washing and Rinsing from the gutter line to the ground and will include decks and patios where accessible. THIS IS NOT a window washing service. Windows and sliders will be wet., soaped and rinsed as thoroughly as possible and air dried.  The Association is not responsible for damages due to windows and doors not closed or any vehicles left in driveways and personal items left exposed to water under pressure.

We have successfully completed these projects before; while they can be inconvenient & disruptive, they’re important to maintain your property values.

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                                                          SAY SO LONG TO WINTER (wasn’t that bad)..HELLO SPRING

What better way than you all come & enjoy the Rec Corp’s Annual Italian Dinner catered by Chef Dean from Oscar’s—SAVE THE DATE—SATURDAY, MARCH 25th—Salad, Pasta Course, 2 Entrees & Dessert…$10 for All Residents & $12 for a guest. See enclosed flyer..Payment to Fran, Pearl or Bill by March 21st.

MILFORD REVALUATION: Enclosed is the information work sheet used , by the Assessor’s Office to calculate the new valuations in Surf Village as required by law effective last October. This is PUBLIC INFORMATION. The highlighted column (REVAL) or “fair market value” are the new valuations that determined the assessment that was sent to all owners in January. The new Mill Rate that determines your taxes will be set in May. Members of your Board of Directors & an Attorney have and are meeting with the Assessor to understand the criteria used regarding Surf Village as a Planned Unit Community. Some misinformation given to the assessor regarding number of bedrooms in some units (there are no 3 bedroom units) and also to improvements and lots along the marsh area have been corrected. Some owners have met with the office & the enclosed sheet does not reflect those corrections or adjustments. You may submit a written application if you have reason to believe your valuation is incorrect as it applies to your lot & unit to the Board of Assessment Appeals until March 20th.

WINTER: Matt and his crew continue to provide a good & safe job sanding & salting in advance & plowing the roads continually & removing the snow especially during blizzard conditions given the difficult logistics in the Village where there’s such limited space to, put the snow. All the equipment is stored in the container he leaves on the Fire Road & there are strategically placed cans of salt & sand for your use. Matt requests, when a huge storm is forecast. , that vehicles & trucks are left in driveways so the parking lots can be completely plowed & the streets cleaned side to side for safe passage. Vehicles left in parking lots are a big problem & it’s days later before they can be plowed . Some have asked; why can’t the driveways be plowed..because it would require a pick up truck to drive in; drop the blade by the garage and back out dragging the snow into the road where there’s no place to put it. All porches are cleaned with plastic shovels and driveways with snow blowers…hence no damage.

REVIEW 2016: We close the fiscal year March 31, 2017 having completed 2 major projects. The new road received it’s first re-sealing & re-striping after all the cracks were repaired. This preventative maintenance including driveway sealing will be scheduled every 3 to 4 years. The repairs of all the Sandpiper building rear steps and conversion to Azek was completed in December. Thus all Sandpiper buildings have completed the top to bottom exterior restoration begun 10 years ago.

2017 PROJECTS: All buildings are due it’s Power Washing Cycle to be scheduled late Spring. The repairs of the Merwin & Seahawk porches and their conversion to Azek will begin in late summer this year.

The ongoing removal of the Fragmities and improvement to the ecology & “health” of the marsh will continue along with abatement of the geese issue.

Loan: The $400,000 loan for the road/driveway/curb & irrigation project has been paid down to $88,000 & will be retired early next year resulting in the ability to convert the $72,000 CREDIT LINE into annual Reserves.

PARKING: The “stickers” have been replenished. All vehicles intending to use a street parking space are required to display the parking stickers on the rear of their vehicle. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please take the time now to contact Jen at Palmer Management to update your vehicle information and request any new sticker you may need. Vehicles without a sticker & any vehicle being stored ( not being moved daily) are subject to being towed.

Outdoor Bidg. Lights: Please replace non-working bulbs in all outdoor fixtures. There are many dark bulbs along Merwin Ave and on the rear side of Seahawk. This is a safety issue and a resident responsibility.

REMINDERS: Trash & recycle containers must be returned inside the garage on the evening of every collection day. No containers may be STORED UNDER THE PORCHES.

Pets: Please pick up after and no pet may use another unit’s property; EVER

Please do not nail or screw anything onto the exterior of the building or thru the siding. Holliday decorations should all be removed. Owners who intend to rent units are required to provide all rules & regs and the owner/tenant form .signed by both PRIOR to tenant occupancy .$100 fine for non-conformance.

FRONTIER TV HAS A NEW PROMOTION FOR SURF VILLAGE. We are considered a “ connected community” as we had with AT&T..There are flyers in the Club must book thru the agent for Surf Village..DOUG GALULLO at 203-215 5021. Promos start at $59.99..with Amazon Gift Cards.





To: Surf Village Town House Owners                                                                                                                                                  June 14, 2019

From: The Board of Directors

Re: The process of voting to adopt revisions and updates to Town House Documents

The Association recently circulated a ballot form to Owners for the purpose of conducting a vote on adoptions of Amendments updating the Town House Community Documents.

The Board received a strongly worded correspondence from an owner expressing the opinion that (i) the 1983 Surf Village Declaration and Bylaws requires that a vote to amend them may only be taken at a meeting of the owners, (ii) a vote taken by ballot without a meeting would be null and void, and (iii) proceeding without a vote is somehow fraudulent and that the Board knew that they were violating their obligations.  It is apparent these opinions have been shared with some members in the Community.

In 2016 the Board engaged a noted expert in the law of community associations to advise them on the process of updating the Community Documents. The Attorney was selected in part because he served as a member of the Committee that developed the legislation that updated the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act in 2009 (“CIOA”). The Association’s Attorney strongly disagrees with the claims stated above.  He has advised the Board that the sections of the current Town House Declarations and Bylaws which make reference to a vote being taken “at any meeting” do not require a vote be taken ONLY at a meeting to the exclusion of the other means of action provided in applicable Connecticut law. The other voting methods permitted include voting by proxy or by paper or electronic ballot when a vote is conducted without a meeting.

The Board has acted in good faith and in reliance on the opinion and guidance of its Counsel.

Board Members have been advised that conducting the vote by ballot without a meeting is in compliance with the requirements of applicable Connecticut law and the Surf Village Documents.  The Association Counsel expressed his opinion that this ballot procedure would withstand a court challenge, should one be brought.

The matter of updating our documents is more important than a disagreement over the manner in which the vote is cast. The Board has elected on advice of Counsel, to provide a new ballot that includes a proxy to allow an Owner to vote at a meeting in person or by proxy. (This new ballot will be mailed separately from this notice) Approximately 20 of the SVTH Owners do not reside in the Community and many refrain from attending meetings because of the confrontations that often result.

The Annual Meeting is Wednesday, June 26th at the Club House at 7:00 PM. The Board has asked Attorney Ed Hill to be available at the meeting to answer questions from Owners; and he will be available either by video conference or skype. We encourage all Owners to attend this meeting.

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