Hopefully we’ve seen the last of the winter snows. The positioning of Milford Landscaping’s storage container on the fire road with all its equipment on site contributed greatly to the timely snow removal and the opening of all driveways, walkways and porches. The deep freezes we experienced has caused some damage from heaving and cracking here and that is evident all around Milford streets and will be repaired after a complete thaw allows those areas to settle.

ENCLOSURES: (3, will be posted to SVTA Documents & Owner’s Forms & Waivers)

The Addendum To Lease (1) and its accompanying Owner/Tenant Form (2) are now part of the Documents of the SVTA and will be recorded and become part of all the Documents that are included in the Resale Package that all buyers receive from the Property Manager prior to a closing on a sale and should be added to your set of Documents. All the details regarding basic rules, procedures for use of storage containers and Pods, mail box keys, repairs, water bills, Rec passes, etc. are provided in advance. Until now, there has been no similar process in place from the Property Manager or the Board to recognize and facilitate the “move in” for new tenant residents. Actually, the Property Manager is the last to know, sometimes weeks later. We welcome all new residents and want them to enjoy the lifestyle here. This Document places the responsibility, on the OWNER, to provide all the information to their new tenants and send to the Property Manager prior to residency. The Owner/tenant form is obtained from the Property Manager or can be downloaded from the SVTA web site. Please save the enclosed Form.

The new Budget (3) for fiscal April 1, 2015 thru March 31, 2016 has been voted on by the Board of Directors and takes effect April 1, 2015. The Owner’s Ratification of that Budget will take place at the April Board Meeting on April 21st in the Clubhouse at 7 pm. Save the date. Official notice of that meeting will follow via email in April. We will close the 2014/2015 Fiscal Budget with all expenses paid including the contribution to the Reserve Account. We project a small excess of funds around $1,000 that will be carried forward to start the New Year. Reserves now stand at $167,000 and the Bank loan for the Road Project has been reduced to $220,000 and is ahead of payment schedule.

SPRING PROJECTS: We will be busy…

Spring Clean-up will start as soon as the weather will allow. Roads, driveways will be cleaned, all landscape areas prepared for pre-emergent weed applications and an initial fertilization.

The Mulch program started last year will continue. All Common areas and all front lots and beds and all trees and shrubs/bushes are included. The only area left to the resident is their side and back yards.

IRRIGATION: Fred Kirkham and his crew will make any repairs from winter damage and re-adjust all zones and heads. His startup date will follow Milford Landscaping’s seasonal clean up.

POWER WASHING: It’s that time again; we try to schedule this every third year. This will be planned for later in April after the spring clean up….All buildings will be washed and rinsed from the roof line down. Process usually takes 2 to 3 days. Windows are washed & rinsed along with the siding but this is not a true professional window washing service. All windows. Sliders and doors must be closed tight. Further information will be sent to all residents via email when the dates are set. Furniture and grills must be removed off patios to grass & to edge of decks.

ASPHALT REPAIRS AND DRIVEWAY SEALING: Our contractor has been on site and walked the roads. We must wait for a complete thaw especially to allow the heaving to settle back down as the water table continues to recede. The Board has entered into contract to have all driveways sealed. Ray Macaluso recommended we schedule this for the 3rd year after the road project. This is not the typical spray on material that comes in a bucket. Our procedure includes a complete pressure cleaning followed by the installation of a thick emulsion with binders that are applied with brushes and must be allowed to set and cure. This will require the driveways to be blocked and unusable for 2 days. It will be staged in sections and parking will be allowed overnight on one side of the street in front of your driveway and island. Info and procedures will be sent well in advance anticipating a late May event.

REAR PORCH REPLACEMENT PROJECT: Jason will be starting soon. This is the final project to complete the total restoration of SVTA. All existing rear steps will be removed and replaced with a complete new Azek set of steps and railings like the front porches. The steps will be completely built and assembled off site, delivered and installed (after removal of the old) all in one day. Jason has already started taking measurements. This is a BUILDING CODE compliant project. Therefore, if you have an original paver patio or one that has sunken or in poor condition that would prevent Jason from constructing steps that would pass code, you must have your patio raised or repaired. Project starts at 10 Sandpiper Crescent & moves east. The Porch Project started at the opposite end of Sandpiper. Project will likely take 2 summers.

Our Property Manager has advised the Board that several owners are dating and/or mailing common fee payments at the end of the month which often don’t arrive in our Lock Box for another week or more. Our Documents state that common fees are due on the 1st of each month. Our expenses are very front end loaded and project costs as listed in the Budget are condensed into the first half of the year. Palmer requests payments by the 18th of the month.

Attorney Ed Hill is bringing all our Documents into compliance with the Ct. Common Interest Ownership Act. There will be a vote. Owners will receive a CD of the new Dox & Amendments

Please don’t leave loose paper goods in recycle buckets on windy days.                                                                                                                                                                                                           



We have completed the second year with our new irrigation system; we’re better able to control and conserve the water usage and have finally established a solid healthy green turf. There were a few lots that receive the sun all day that required more water especially during late July and August resulting in the installation of 2 new valves in their zones. The system now operates 78 zones.

Monday, December 15 all the gutters, leaders and downspouts were cleaned.

Milford Landscaping will be positioning barrels of sand and salt at key locations around the village. These are for residents to use and will be re-filled as needed. Sodium Chloride pellets without sand will be distributed on the roads, driveways, walkways, porches & steps when there is NO ICE on the pavement. Once there is an existing cover of ice we must use the combination of grit and salt.

Recently there have been issues with POD and UHAUL type storage/moving containers. To be clear…these devices are prohibited on any of the streets or parking places in the Village. They may be used ONLY upon requesting and receiving APPROVAL from Sal Garfi, the Property Manager, and only for a limited time. They must be installed ONLY on the unit’s driveway and the owner is responsibility for any damage. Be aware that some POD franchisees deliver the container on a “carriage” that will not fit in our driveways.

A REMINDER: all vehicles that are parked overnight in parking lots must have the Surf Village Parking decal clearly visible on the rear of the vehicle. Parking vehicles decals may be requested from the Property Manager. There have been reports of vehicles being BROKEN INTO. If you see anyone acting suspiciously around the parking lots or driveways…CALL the POLICE. Vehicles left unlocked even in driveways are an open invitation to access garage openers.

Next Spring, as soon as the weather breaks, we will start the replacement of the rear steps with Azek like the front porches .Upon completion; this will complete the entire restoration of all the assets in Surf Village. We are also due for a building power washing and we are planning to re-seal all driveways as part of our regular budget for fiscal 2015 which starts in April.

Out next Board Meeting is Tuesday, January 20, 2015 we continue to work on the Surf Village Documents to bring them up to date and in compliance with the State requirements. These changes will be posted on the Web site for your review. A notice will be sent at that time with instructions on accessing the SVTA Web Address.


To: Surf Village Town House Owners                                                                                                                                                  June 14, 2019

From: The Board of Directors

Re: The process of voting to adopt revisions and updates to Town House Documents

The Association recently circulated a ballot form to Owners for the purpose of conducting a vote on adoptions of Amendments updating the Town House Community Documents.

The Board received a strongly worded correspondence from an owner expressing the opinion that (i) the 1983 Surf Village Declaration and Bylaws requires that a vote to amend them may only be taken at a meeting of the owners, (ii) a vote taken by ballot without a meeting would be null and void, and (iii) proceeding without a vote is somehow fraudulent and that the Board knew that they were violating their obligations.  It is apparent these opinions have been shared with some members in the Community.

In 2016 the Board engaged a noted expert in the law of community associations to advise them on the process of updating the Community Documents. The Attorney was selected in part because he served as a member of the Committee that developed the legislation that updated the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act in 2009 (“CIOA”). The Association’s Attorney strongly disagrees with the claims stated above.  He has advised the Board that the sections of the current Town House Declarations and Bylaws which make reference to a vote being taken “at any meeting” do not require a vote be taken ONLY at a meeting to the exclusion of the other means of action provided in applicable Connecticut law. The other voting methods permitted include voting by proxy or by paper or electronic ballot when a vote is conducted without a meeting.

The Board has acted in good faith and in reliance on the opinion and guidance of its Counsel.

Board Members have been advised that conducting the vote by ballot without a meeting is in compliance with the requirements of applicable Connecticut law and the Surf Village Documents.  The Association Counsel expressed his opinion that this ballot procedure would withstand a court challenge, should one be brought.

The matter of updating our documents is more important than a disagreement over the manner in which the vote is cast. The Board has elected on advice of Counsel, to provide a new ballot that includes a proxy to allow an Owner to vote at a meeting in person or by proxy. (This new ballot will be mailed separately from this notice) Approximately 20 of the SVTH Owners do not reside in the Community and many refrain from attending meetings because of the confrontations that often result.

The Annual Meeting is Wednesday, June 26th at the Club House at 7:00 PM. The Board has asked Attorney Ed Hill to be available at the meeting to answer questions from Owners; and he will be available either by video conference or skype. We encourage all Owners to attend this meeting.

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