The semi-annual power washing has been completed.

The painting of the white flatwork on the Azek porches and trim around the garage doors have been

Annual landscape improvements, and tree replacements were made to continue to add to the enhancement
of our landscape. The mulch project has been expanded to now include the rear of all buildings in addition to
all trees and the front landscape beds.


The paint project this summer will include all front doors with their frames and side lights. The plan is to
complete all twenty building by early fall 2021, weather permitting. Details will follow in the Spring

The storm damage from the summer that caused burns and salt on trees and shrubs will be addressed in
consultation with an arborist tree expert early in the spring. Winter damage and road cracks will be examined;
crack sealing, as required, will be done.


Please make certain that your storm door closes and latches correctly so that the door cannot be blown open
by the wind and damage the porch.

Leaves will continue to be removed as often as necessary and sea grass, knock out roses and hydrangeas will
be cut at the proper time.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2ND All gutters will be cleaned. Crews will be on the roofs. No cars should be parked
in driveways that day. The gutter crews are also window washers, further information will be available in the

Snow/Ice removal schedule: This information is especially for the many new residents of Surf Village. Milford
Landscaping parks a container on the fire road that houses all the snow blowers and shovels. The plow for the
roads begins after 2 inches of snow has fallen and is continuous thereafter. All driveways, porches and steps
are shoveled by hand and snow blowers are used on all driveways. This is done towards the end of the storm.
Please do not park in the street parking spaces until after the plows have come through. We use Sodium
Chloride to deice the, roads, driveways and porch steps as necessary.

Car stickers are required to park in a designated parking space. Only one vehicle per unit may use an available
space each night. Call Jen, at Palmer Mgt 203-288-8448 to request a sticker.

Dogs can be walked around the street or on the fire road, but are NOT allowed on anyone's private property.
PLEASE respect your neighbor's property. We continue to get complaints.

Our insurance company inspected inside some Units and reminds us that the proper number of working
Smoke Detectors must be installed in each Unit. C02 sensors are also required.


Two thousand twenty has been a difficult year for many people. Our way of life and routines have changed immensely. Our Social Activities have been halted by the Virus.

All of us at Surf Village have been affected by the pandemic; therefore, many patios have been redone and enlarged so that we could take advantage of the outdoors. Many people have purchased fire pits and heaters so that their outdoor
time could be extended.

The Surf Village documents already prohibit any open fires. The Board has consulted with our Insurance Agent and the Milford Assistant Fire Marshall; both of them voiced their concerns regarding the inherent risks to our community with
building units and patios clustered together.

Therefore here are the Fire Safety Requirements:

  • Open fires are Prohibited.
  • Propane fire pits are permitted. No wood or artificial logs may be used.
  • Propane heaters are permitted.
  • Fire pits and heaters must be operated a minimum of 12' away from a structure and be placed on a hard surface.  i.e. patio or concrete.
  • They must be supervised by an adult at all times when in use.
  • A fire extinguisher is required to be outdoors at all times when they are
  • Absolutely no fire pits or heaters on any balcony.
  • A waiver from Palmer Management must be submitted and signed by the Unit Owner (Tenant where applicable) who will assume all responsibility for any damage caused by the use of his/her fire pit or heater.


To: Surf Village Town House Owners                                                                                                                                                  June 14, 2019

From: The Board of Directors

Re: The process of voting to adopt revisions and updates to Town House Documents

The Association recently circulated a ballot form to Owners for the purpose of conducting a vote on adoptions of Amendments updating the Town House Community Documents.

The Board received a strongly worded correspondence from an owner expressing the opinion that (i) the 1983 Surf Village Declaration and Bylaws requires that a vote to amend them may only be taken at a meeting of the owners, (ii) a vote taken by ballot without a meeting would be null and void, and (iii) proceeding without a vote is somehow fraudulent and that the Board knew that they were violating their obligations.  It is apparent these opinions have been shared with some members in the Community.

In 2016 the Board engaged a noted expert in the law of community associations to advise them on the process of updating the Community Documents. The Attorney was selected in part because he served as a member of the Committee that developed the legislation that updated the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act in 2009 (“CIOA”). The Association’s Attorney strongly disagrees with the claims stated above.  He has advised the Board that the sections of the current Town House Declarations and Bylaws which make reference to a vote being taken “at any meeting” do not require a vote be taken ONLY at a meeting to the exclusion of the other means of action provided in applicable Connecticut law. The other voting methods permitted include voting by proxy or by paper or electronic ballot when a vote is conducted without a meeting.

The Board has acted in good faith and in reliance on the opinion and guidance of its Counsel.

Board Members have been advised that conducting the vote by ballot without a meeting is in compliance with the requirements of applicable Connecticut law and the Surf Village Documents.  The Association Counsel expressed his opinion that this ballot procedure would withstand a court challenge, should one be brought.

The matter of updating our documents is more important than a disagreement over the manner in which the vote is cast. The Board has elected on advice of Counsel, to provide a new ballot that includes a proxy to allow an Owner to vote at a meeting in person or by proxy. (This new ballot will be mailed separately from this notice) Approximately 20 of the SVTH Owners do not reside in the Community and many refrain from attending meetings because of the confrontations that often result.

The Annual Meeting is Wednesday, June 26th at the Club House at 7:00 PM. The Board has asked Attorney Ed Hill to be available at the meeting to answer questions from Owners; and he will be available either by video conference or skype. We encourage all Owners to attend this meeting.

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