Spring 2020 Update 2

The Board continues daily interaction with Palmer Management to address any issues that may arise during this shutdown. Please continue to contact Sal or Jennifer or any Board member with any questions.

NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENTS: Milford Landscaping will continue spring cleanup and lawn prep for the season. TUESDAY- TODAY-MAY 5TH the crews will be spreading fertilizer and weed control pre-emergent. We advise residents to keep the pets off the grass areas as a precaution for 24 hours.

The Power Washing was completed in two days as they were able to bring in three trucks and their crews. Next up will be the annual mulch application. All common areas along Merwin Ave. receive a complete mulch. The front foundation beds of all Units and all trees are included in this annual project. We use a natural organic pine mulch.

The water for irrigation was open to facilitate the Power Washing. All zones will be activated and heads tested on each lot. The zones will be run from midnight to 5 AM on a schedule set by Fred Kirkham's company as weather requires.

The completion of the painting of the trim around the garage doors and the "kicks" on the front porches will begin in June.

The Board welcomes three new families to our Village: Patricia Krantz, 30 Sandpiper Crescent; Laurance & Diane Selnick, 87 Sandpiper Crescent; and Ray & Cheryl Birdsall, 132 Sandpiper Crescent.

Also, the spring has brought all the new rabbit residences out of their winter hutches - seems like they have multiplied. PLEASE DO NOT FEED THEM.

A black cat possibly with white paws (likely not friendly towards rabbits) has been reported roaming around the Village. No pets are permitted outside without a lead and human attached. Please do not let this cat outside unattended. Thank you. Remember all dogs are to be walked on leads and are not permitted on any lot other than the owner's lot.

Let's get outside and get some fresh air; but stay well, stay separated and stay safe.

Spring 2020 Update 1

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Building 4
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Property Management

April 1, 2020,

To all SVTA owners & tenants via email from board of directors

Hope this finds everyone well, remaining inside as much as possible, practicing both physical & social distancing when walking outside or accessing the beach for exercise. Please make note of your neighbors; especially those who live alone that you may not have seen. A phone call or knock on the door to check on them periodically would be helpful.

Palmer Management is closed. All property managers are working from home. Sal Garfi and Jennifer are in the office for limited times. Please leave messages with their call center. (203-288-8448) A Board member is in contact with Sal or Jen, daily. In a real emergency, call any
Board member.

All meetings scheduled for the clubhouse are suspended until further notice. The building is no longer accessible as it is not possible to maintain a sterile environment. The Board will continue to meet and communicate, regarding operations, via a "Zoom" type meeting or other electronic devices as needed. Minutes will be recorded when any action is taken and posted.

The Spring cleanup has started and will continue through first week in April. Milford Land's crews will be here installing pre-emergent weed and fertilizer treatments. (flags are posted at mail boxes & around the community) Mulch installation is scheduled for install along Merwin
Ave and on the fronts of individual lots as usual later in April. The hydrangeas were not cut down last fall and are now in bud. Matt will remove any dead wood after the plants leaf out. Fred Kirkham will activate the irrigation at the proper time. The power washing of all buildings (this
is a 2 day event) will be done later in April and you will receive an email notice prior to the start. Reminder ! All outside ornamental loose items should be removed. All windows and doors/sliders shut. All grill & furniture removed away from the buildings and NO VEHICLES left in driveways. Windows/sliders will be soaped & rinsed as part of this service. This is not a true window washing event and some glass surfaces may retain spots. All other improvement
projects will be spaced out through the summer months.

Walking the village is starting to look like a new spring; we surely need it. The Magnolias and red cherry trees have bloomed, the white Yokinos are next followed by the pears. The grass will get green, the lots mulched and the buildings refreshed. Residents will be planting their flowers. Robins have been seen & some mallard ducks both male & female have returned to no doubt have ducklings.

As we approach this special renewal season of Easter and Passover we wish Peace and good Health to all and the hope for our ability to weather this storm and get through this difficult time together.


To: Surf Village Town House Owners                                                                                                                                                  June 14, 2019

From: The Board of Directors

Re: The process of voting to adopt revisions and updates to Town House Documents

The Association recently circulated a ballot form to Owners for the purpose of conducting a vote on adoptions of Amendments updating the Town House Community Documents.

The Board received a strongly worded correspondence from an owner expressing the opinion that (i) the 1983 Surf Village Declaration and Bylaws requires that a vote to amend them may only be taken at a meeting of the owners, (ii) a vote taken by ballot without a meeting would be null and void, and (iii) proceeding without a vote is somehow fraudulent and that the Board knew that they were violating their obligations.  It is apparent these opinions have been shared with some members in the Community.

In 2016 the Board engaged a noted expert in the law of community associations to advise them on the process of updating the Community Documents. The Attorney was selected in part because he served as a member of the Committee that developed the legislation that updated the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act in 2009 (“CIOA”). The Association’s Attorney strongly disagrees with the claims stated above.  He has advised the Board that the sections of the current Town House Declarations and Bylaws which make reference to a vote being taken “at any meeting” do not require a vote be taken ONLY at a meeting to the exclusion of the other means of action provided in applicable Connecticut law. The other voting methods permitted include voting by proxy or by paper or electronic ballot when a vote is conducted without a meeting.

The Board has acted in good faith and in reliance on the opinion and guidance of its Counsel.

Board Members have been advised that conducting the vote by ballot without a meeting is in compliance with the requirements of applicable Connecticut law and the Surf Village Documents.  The Association Counsel expressed his opinion that this ballot procedure would withstand a court challenge, should one be brought.

The matter of updating our documents is more important than a disagreement over the manner in which the vote is cast. The Board has elected on advice of Counsel, to provide a new ballot that includes a proxy to allow an Owner to vote at a meeting in person or by proxy. (This new ballot will be mailed separately from this notice) Approximately 20 of the SVTH Owners do not reside in the Community and many refrain from attending meetings because of the confrontations that often result.

The Annual Meeting is Wednesday, June 26th at the Club House at 7:00 PM. The Board has asked Attorney Ed Hill to be available at the meeting to answer questions from Owners; and he will be available either by video conference or skype. We encourage all Owners to attend this meeting.

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