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Roads, Curbs, Driveways Project

The Roads, Curbs, and Driveway Project will be starting in July and is expected to continue through October. The initial plans, which will start in mid July, call for the replacement of the sewer laterals on Sandpiper Crescent and Sandpiper Circle for those owners who have signed up and have paid for this replacement. Once this is completed, the driveways will be stripped of its asphalt and curbs will be excavated and removed. This work will be initiated from the Seahawk Court side of our community and continue around to the East entrance and will be completed by the end of August, early September. The roadways will then be milled and resurfaced. All existing asphalt curbing will be replaced with extruded concrete curbs. Announcements, information, and advisories will be periodically posted below.

********    ROAD PROJECT UPDATE   **********

We have met with Ray Macaluso and all our Contractors to review their work and establish final punch lists. The Concrete Curb clean up will continue as road access and weather permits. G.Pic has agreed to return in the spring to again rake out and re-seed all areas he disturbed.
The Irrigation System is completed, was tested and will be further adjusted in the spring at startup. United Illuminating completed the electrical hook ups today. Our Contractor will also return to re-seed his areas of responsibility.
The Lighting for the common area along Merwin Ave and at the entrance points should be installed and operational next week. The new road signs, no parking, speed bumps etc. were recently completed.
Gutters are being cleaned this week as long as the roofs are dry. Drainage work will follow with new splash blocks. The temporary extenders positioned prior to the storm will be removed.
The Board plans to set aside money for additional landscape improvements and possible tree replacements next April.
We anticipate converting the Credit Line for the Road project with Milford Bank into the 5 year term loan at 3.4% in January. All financial data from all the completed summer/fall projects will be made available on the Web Site or at a meeting after the Holidays. We intended to present that information this month, but Board time has been obviously allocated to the storm restoration.

Curbs and Landscaping

The weather forecast for next week indicates there will be several rainy days. Concrete curbs cannot be installed on those days. Therefore, the concrete crews will dedicate this time to clean up all the driveways and areas that have been completed before continuing. The backfilling and re-seeding of the completed curbs and islands has started. Our Irrigation Contractor has already finished installing the water lines and "heads" behind those curbs. We will now begin re-positioning leaders to correct drainage issues and replace or add new splash blocks where necessary. New road signs and lighting of entrances will follow.
Thank you all for your patience.

Roads, Curbs, Driveways- Owner Issues, Final Punch List

The RCD Project Engineer, Ray Macaluso is preparing the final punch list for the asphalt contractors. If you have any damage resulting from the Project to your unit, Ray requests that you document it in writing noting the location and when you believe it occurred. You may email this information and include your name and address to Bill Dowd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via U.S. mail to 40 Sandpiper Crescent. Please do not telephone Ray or Bill or leave an envelope at either residence.

Projected Schedule for Remaining Elements

CURBS- On Monday, September 24th, the installation of the concrete curbs will begin in Seahawk Court. All vehicles must be off the driveways and roads, including parking spaces, by 7:00 am. If the courtyard is not completed by the end of Monday, the uncompleted areas must be clear of vehicles on Tuesday, September 25th for the work to continue. The installation will then continue onto Sandpiper Crescent and move eastward. It is difficult to predict how many driveways will be done each day, so each resident should take note as to where the contractor leaves off each evening. Remember that all vehicles must be off driveways by 7:00 am when it appears that your building will be next in line for curbing. Also, please take note that common area parking spaces will be blocked off the day before they are due for curb installation. The cement will take time to dry, so please stay clear of the new curbs until they have had a chance to “set”.
LANDSCAPING- Upon completion of the curbs, all areas that have been disturbed will be back filled with top soil and re-seeded. The narrow islands between driveways will also have new top soil. Milford Landscaping will begin pruning trees and shrubs, as well as starting the general fall clean up. The irrigation contractor, along with the electrician, will continue the installation of the water system.
POWER WASHING- Sometime during the month of October, all buildings will be power washed. This will include decks, balconies, and porches. If you feel it is necessary to wash windows, it is the responsibility of the unit owner to contract for this service. The annual gutter cleaning will be scheduled for the middle of December.

Paving will continue on Monday, September 17 at 7 am (weather permitting) picking up at 68 Sandpiper Crescent, heading east to Merwin Avenue. Our contractor expects to COMPLETE ALL of Sandpiper Crescent and Sandpiper Circle in one day. ALL VEHICLES must be off the streets in those areas by 7am.

Based on time available (and weather) the common area parking spaces will be painted in Monday evening (17th) or Tuesday the 18th. There will be NO PARKING on ANY Surf Village street parking areas until the caution tape has been removed BY the contractor.

The installation of the concrete curbs is scheduled to start Friday, September 21st and continue through the following week. This should not cause any further inconvenience.
Thank you for your patience, we are almost finished!

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