Projected Schedule for Remaining Elements

CURBS- On Monday, September 24th, the installation of the concrete curbs will begin in Seahawk Court. All vehicles must be off the driveways and roads, including parking spaces, by 7:00 am. If the courtyard is not completed by the end of Monday, the uncompleted areas must be clear of vehicles on Tuesday, September 25th for the work to continue. The installation will then continue onto Sandpiper Crescent and move eastward. It is difficult to predict how many driveways will be done each day, so each resident should take note as to where the contractor leaves off each evening. Remember that all vehicles must be off driveways by 7:00 am when it appears that your building will be next in line for curbing. Also, please take note that common area parking spaces will be blocked off the day before they are due for curb installation. The cement will take time to dry, so please stay clear of the new curbs until they have had a chance to “set”.
LANDSCAPING- Upon completion of the curbs, all areas that have been disturbed will be back filled with top soil and re-seeded. The narrow islands between driveways will also have new top soil. Milford Landscaping will begin pruning trees and shrubs, as well as starting the general fall clean up. The irrigation contractor, along with the electrician, will continue the installation of the water system.
POWER WASHING- Sometime during the month of October, all buildings will be power washed. This will include decks, balconies, and porches. If you feel it is necessary to wash windows, it is the responsibility of the unit owner to contract for this service. The annual gutter cleaning will be scheduled for the middle of December.