********    ROAD PROJECT UPDATE   **********

We have met with Ray Macaluso and all our Contractors to review their work and establish final punch lists. The Concrete Curb clean up will continue as road access and weather permits. G.Pic has agreed to return in the spring to again rake out and re-seed all areas he disturbed.
The Irrigation System is completed, was tested and will be further adjusted in the spring at startup. United Illuminating completed the electrical hook ups today. Our Contractor will also return to re-seed his areas of responsibility.
The Lighting for the common area along Merwin Ave and at the entrance points should be installed and operational next week. The new road signs, no parking, speed bumps etc. were recently completed.
Gutters are being cleaned this week as long as the roofs are dry. Drainage work will follow with new splash blocks. The temporary extenders positioned prior to the storm will be removed.
The Board plans to set aside money for additional landscape improvements and possible tree replacements next April.
We anticipate converting the Credit Line for the Road project with Milford Bank into the 5 year term loan at 3.4% in January. All financial data from all the completed summer/fall projects will be made available on the Web Site or at a meeting after the Holidays. We intended to present that information this month, but Board time has been obviously allocated to the storm restoration.