By the end of today, Wednesday, August 29th, the contractor expects to complete all milling work. He will spend time tomorrow, Thursday, August 30th doing major road cleanup, patching where necessary, and any additional prep work needed. If there is time, he will start paving the final coat of asphalt on the driveways. Paving will start on Seahawk Court. It will continue, most likely, on Friday, August 31st, down Sandpiper Crescent. There will be no work scheduled on Labor Day, which is Monday, September 3rd and therefore, driveway paving will continue on Tuesday, September 4th.

***Ray Macaluso recommends that all garage doors be left open during the driveway paving. This will allow the machine to get closer to the lip of the garage floor and thereby do a better paving job***

The laying of the final coat of asphalt on the driveways is most important. IT IS CRITICAL that you drive straight (do not turn wheels) onto your driveway and ONLY for the purpose of entering your garage to park. You may do this 1 hour after the contractor has rolled the asphalt. There is no parking on your driveway for 48 hours, 2 full days after, and not including the day of paving!!!
We ask you to not park on your driveway for 2 days because it will cause indentations and cupping from the tires that will later hold water and freeze during the winter months, leading to cracking and deterioration of the driveway. Unit owners will be responsible for the cost of any and all repairs due to premature parking on the soft asphalt. 

Thank you again for your co-operation. It is greatly appreciated and the results will be worth it!

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