Project Alert, Seahawk Paving Tomorrow-

Ray Macaluso confirms the contractors plan to pave the Seahawk and Merwin Unit driveways tomorrow, FRIDAY  August 31st starting at 7AM. All vehicles must be out of garages and off the driveways, if you intend to use your vehicle anytime Friday.
The Contractor recommends that all garage doors should be left open (a few inches) or dis-engaged so they can be raised. This will allow the equipment to roll the asphalt up to the lip of the garage floor.
A REMINDER- No vehicles may be parked on the newly paved Seahawk and Merwin Unit driveways until Monday night September 3rd. Damaged driveways will be repaired at owner's expense.

Ray reminds you that the no parking suspension on Merwin Avenue expires after Thursday night. Only Legal parking areas will be accessable on Merwin Avenue on Friday and over the weekend.


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