Road and Driveway Paving Schedule
***Please understand that the following schedule is subject to weather and any unforeseen site conditions.***

Monday, September 10th – all remaining driveways on Sandpiper Crescent will be paved.
Tuesday, September 11th – all remaining driveways on Sandpiper Circle will be paved.
Drainage work, road patching, and additional prep work will take place on Wednesday, September 12th and Thursday, September 13th.
On Friday, September 14th, the western entrance off of Merwin Avenue will be closed at 7:00am to begin the final paving of the roads. Paving will start in the Seahawk Courtyard and continue onto Sandpiper Crescent up to the fire road. All vehicles in this area must be off the roadways by 7:00am as this entire area will be shut down to all vehicular traffic. If you intend to use your vehicle at any time during the day you must be off the roadway by 7:00am! You may park in any available space on other open areas of Sandpiper Crescent, Merwin Avenue, or St. Agnes Church parking lot. Merwin Avenue overnight parking rules will be suspended ONLY on Monday the 17th, Tuesday the 18th and Wednesday the 19th. (See excerpt from Ray’s conversation with the Milford PD below.) Vehicles may re-enter the paved areas, CAUTIOUSLY, after 5:00pm and only to access your driveway. All newly paved road parking spaces will be blocked off until these spaces are re-painted with lines for parking.
Monday, September 17th the road paving will continue east on Sandpiper Crescent from the fire road to Sandpiper Circle.
Tuesday, September 18th the road paving will continue into Sandpiper Circle and onto the east end of Sandpiper Crescent.
***Please remember to adhere to the above mentioned rules for the duration of the road paving. ***
The U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and FEDEX have been notified and will make deliveries where possible. Garbage and recycling will not be affected. The schedule for the curb installation will be posted when it comes available.
Thank you for your help and co-operation.

*9/10 e-mail  from Ray-”Please be advised I spoke to Chief Mello and he is granting us to park on Merwin Ave. on BOTH SIDES of the street on Monday Sept. 17th, Tuesday Sept. 18th and Wednesday Sept. 19th ONLY, with the understanding that it is for a "WAVIER TO PARK IN A NO PARKING ZONE."  All drivers must use common sense and obey the laws of not parking next to a Fire Hydrant, on a cross walk, on the side walk etc.”

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